Friday, March 30, 2007

My Secret Pal is better than yours.............

So yesterday in the mail I got this great big priority mail box! The sender apparently did not want anything to fall out nor di she want anyone to get into it!!!!! :) After completely obliterating the box I found this cute card full of spring wishes, and a basket (perfect size for a pair of socks in process!!) full of goodies. My secret pal forgot no one!!!! Rubber Duckies for the kids, the green one little B staked a claim to by drooling big slobbery goo all over the beak, Big B got Mr. Blue (or Bwoo as he says) And Miss S. got lello.
Flash the cat got treats, as did the dogs Panda and Angel. There were 3 easter eggs filled with 3 varieties of yummy-ness, Peeps, Note Pads (always need those!!!, an M&M Carrot and last but not at all least, and all mine mine mine, Socks Two!!! What a cute book!! I love it!!

Thank you SP10 you rock, much harder than any other!!!!

Me on the other hand 5 gotta get off my tushy and get my SP package out........more on that at
end of this post!

OK so got a pick of our daily version of the Titanic.......this is our ferry boat.......runs round trip to the mainland 3 times a day.....holds 17 modestly sized vehicles.........but with all the SUV's we have out here that count goes down a bit. The trip is an hour.

Just various places on the island that I didn't put in last time.....Enjoy!

Meanwhile HELP ME PLEASE......I am having a slightly difficult time figuring out what to get my SP10........maybe it is because my SP sets the bar so high with her packages as they are awesome, in every way......presentation, content and timing! My SP does not really have a sweet tooth.......and does not mention coffee either, although she does like naturally decaf tea.....

I am headed over on Saturday....on the Titanic...and am hoping some things will jump off the shelves at me!!! In the mean time any suggestions would be lovely!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ooops...guess I kind of over-did it with the packing tape! I'm glad you liked the package. I had such fun picking out a little something for everybody in the family.

I love the pictures of your island. The sea breezes, the sunrises and sunsets, it must be so cool to live there!

Your Secret Pal

Shelley said...

You got some great things! I've got to get on the ball and send something to my SP too.

You could always send an email and ask your pal some "do you drink coffee" or whatever. I've done that to get some more ideas.