Tuesday, March 13, 2007


So here is the book I knitted the angel from.......I love the patterns!!!!! I have included a few shots from the book aren't they sweet? I have had a few requests for more info, I got the book from Herschners and the patterns call for #10 cotton. I did not know that when I bought the book so I got it and then had to wait until I got out to get the yarn....oh yeah and they are knit on size 0's or 1's I did mine on 1's.

So I was at work today for the ferry service and a very nice lady (silly me I did not ask for a name, nor did I introduce myself) came up to me while I was knitting.

She asked what I was knitting and went on to say she was a knitter and we carried on about various things, it was great! Knitting opens doors I swear!! I am a fairly shy person but if I see someone knitting something intriguing I will not hesitate to walk right up and ask them what they are knitting, which turns into how long have you been knitting etc..........any way I told her she could get more info on the angels and internet knitting mag links here, all she had to do was google crafty momma. So if you found your way here.....Welcome!!!!

In the non knitting craft section....here are my -slowly coming along- Christmas Spiders...........do you know how long it takes to bead those dang legs........why do spiders have to have 8 legs? I think they are awfully cute, and I have some that will be colored but I am trying to get through the pearls first.
I have 3...count them 3 sick kids AGAIN!!!!!! YUCK!!!!! But I have 4 days off and will try to get everyone patched up, but the sickys are why there are no pics of the cuties..........you can imagine the oozy ucky without having to see it pasted to their cherub sweet faces!!!

And here is what I was working on............my FIRST big lace project.....it was a rough start with lotsa swearing, but after starting and ripping several DOZEN times I am well under way, but still have a long way to go!!!

Fiber TRends Butterfly Gardens Lace Shawl, in knit picks Bare Lace weight yarn. Size 6 circs, Knit Picks essentials interchageables!


Anonymous said...

I'm just popping in to say Hi. I'm your Secret Pal--looking forward to getting to know you through your blog!

Mrs. H said...

Knitting in public is the best way to meet new people!

The shawl is soooo pretty! Wish I had the courage to try something like that!

Hope the kids feel better quick!

Shelley said...

Those angels are so cute! Yes, knitting can you help meet new people, and start some very interesting conversations.

Yay at the shawl! It looks great! The spider looks cute...better made from beads than being the real thing though, lol.

Hope the kids get better quickly!

Rachel said...

I know what you mean about knitting opening up doors of conversation. I have a hard time striking up conversations with unknown people, but if they're knitting, then I'm fearless!

I love the angels - thanks for posting about the patterns and the book. I have it on my wishlist, now!

I hope your kids get better, soon. It's so hard when the whole family comes down with something. Stay healthy!

Mrs. H said...