Thursday, March 22, 2007

PArts and Pieces, and a butterfly shawl grows

OK so amongst the washed out'ed ness of this photos are the bits and pieces of another 3 inch angel in the making......all starched and ready for putting together......can;t see it? Well I will post when I get it put together, hopefully by weekends close!

This here is the making of a tree topper angel. She will be somewhere around 9 inches tall! well actually the arms aren't here........I still have to stuff them, but the sleeves are there :) !!

The shawl is coming along.....when I put it down this evening to come to bed I have 8 more pattern repeats to have the correct 18 butterflies in each section. I am liking this, the bigger it gets and am sure after it is blocked and the lace opens up it will just get prettier.

This is just a bad close up of the pattern!!! I will defenitely do more lace......I am finging it frustratingly enjoyable!

Little B is into everything. He turned 9 months old today. He climbs up and "cruises" around......scarey!!!!!!!

I am not sure if he was trying to knock dad out or just do a bit of arm pit sniffing? As you can see in the previous pic, he is a wee bit snoggy and his face is a bit chapped but he see,s to be holding his own.

Oh yeah and the baby seal crawl has been replaced...........boy can he move now!!!

The "boys" looking at BIG TRUCKS!!!!!

Little B going up and over Daddy's lap!!!

And for those who have asked. Mom made it out of surgery and is resting (probably not comfortably....but resting still) at a hotel, and will be home tomorrow!

Ok so my SP10 told me where to get the needles, not where to get the beads?

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Anonymous said...

Ooops, I thought it was just needles you needed. Maybe has beads, too. Glad to hear your mother is out of the hospital. My parents are in their early 70s, and it is such a worry when they are not well. I've been fortunate that they are in relatively good health, except that Mum has pneumonia right now.

The pictures are great. The angels and shawl are just beautiful. You are inspiring me to try knitting a lacy pattern.

Hope the kids are doing better.

Your Secret Pal