Friday, March 09, 2007

Pics of FO's and some baby eye candy and a computer question

Ok so these knitted angels are soo cute and they are fairly quick knits. This is the knitting angel......see how she only has one wing.......well the other wing she will be is all ready I just don't have any toothpicks/angel size knitting needles, the wing is 3/4 of the finished wing with a starched ball of yarn atached to it, she will be holding these in her hands.

The finished angel is 3 and 1/2 inches tall. I have completed the pieces for another small one as well as for a 9 inch tree topper. I have to starch and assemble them though.

These are just sooooo dang cute. I got so many comments as I was knitting them. For those of you who are a bit apprehensive about jumping in to a big lace project, I think these are a starting point that is manageable. And I have to say I am quite addicted............

Do you remember the yarn I asked for guesses on the end project for, a few posts back......? I was so sad no one guessed as I sure it was an easy guess, as I am a sock addict.....but anyway, I was going to give the correct guess a skein of the Mountain Colors in another colorway I have....but since no one guessed I will keep it till I figure out what to make with it. Here are another pair of socks for DD done 2 at a time on circs.

As you can see she was delighted!!! Good grief it is hard to believe one 2 yr old can make that big a mess in just an hour!?!?!?!?!!?

And these are mommy's matching socks.....oh my goodness these were heaven to knit up and they are pure luxury on the feet.........mine have been washed once and held up fairly well......the mini cable rib makes them stretchy so even if they felt a bit they should still be ok.

So there you have FO's 7,8 and 9 woohoo!!!
I am taking a vow of no knitting while I finsh some beading projects I started before X-mas, but I may finish the 2 angels off!

Little B is feeding himself these days and mom, dad, Big B and the princess enjoy tormenting him by sticking food to his face!!! He doesn't look like he hates it does he?

My Big girl at her first knowledge fair. She studied the herring gull for a native animal, and then she did the polar bear for a non native animal and she did a really good job presenting it!

SHHHHHHH..........I think she has a crush on the boy next to her, who shall remain nameless!!!!!
Look at the nest, I wish I had gotten a close up of the nest cause the gull she made out of clay is really good!!!!!

Here is a question for any computer nerds, or ANYONE knowledgeable in computers.......I need a new Laptop. I know I do not NOT NOT NOT NOT want a mac. I will be using it for: Blogging, a small homebased business.......actually I am the E.A. for a local non-profit that grants low interets loans to new businesses or to improve businesses.......burning pics, and music, loading and unlaoding my ipod, maybe making some picture DVD's.......what do I need as far as hard drive, memory, processors........I want to get a good one and was actually on line at best buy (i believe) checking the new notebook tablets out.....they are too cool, BUT do I really need that? Any help would be wonderful!!!


Mrs. H said...

Love the angels. So cute that she'll be knitting her other wing!

Little B looks adorable with the "star" stuck to his forhead. And no, he doesn't look like he hates it. Cute kids!

Shelley said...

Those angels are so cute! Little B is so cute with the food stuck on his forehead, hehehe!

Yay on your daughter's presentations! I'm sure she did a marvelous job :o)

Rachel said...

Those angels are soooo cute! My aunt would flip out if I knitted her some for Christmas. Could you tell me where you got the pattern from? My blog is