Thursday, February 15, 2007

Number 6 FO of 07!!!

Wow, does anyone else see a problem here? The hat seems to have eaten Big B's head!! RUH ROH!!! :) Abit of hot, and cold, agitation and VOILA!! We have a headed Big B, with a fresh new hat to love!!!

It came out quite good. I did it in Knitpicks yarn, and it is the hello yarn pattern. Very easy and my 2nd attempt at color dear daughter now wants a pair of socks with the skull in them.....hmmmmmm she also wants a pair of knee socks!!! KNEE SOCKS????? Sometimes I think she has to be someone elses child :) 6 years old and asking for knee socks, hmmmmmmmmmmoh well!

Here is the posterior view, complete with the school closings at the bottom of the screen!!!

Sissy had to get her noggin in on the gig too! I do think I will give it one more shrinky dink before I will be completely satisfied. And a note to anyone who is curious....if you tack the lining before you shrink, it appears that you get a brim.....not a bad thing but certainly something to note, if you don't already know!!!

Any guesses what this plush, furry yarny goodness is becoming? It is Mountain Colors, Mountain Goat in Thunderhead. I have 460 yds of this yummy stuff.....very apropriate name as it reminds me of the skies in the simmer during thunderstorms!!!


lexa said...

Cool skull hat! I haven't a clue what you have planned for the yarn.

MollyKnits said...

Awsome hat! I think skulls are the ULTIMATE fashion accessory.