Saturday, February 10, 2007

Knitten mittens and socks! oh and some REALLY cute kids!!

So here is my new obsession! As you can see this picture was taken days ago. This sock now has 1/3 of it's mate. I am not particularly happy with the kitchnering on this baby.....leaves a bit to be desired. Will try to do better on the second one and may rip back on this one. It is Opal but I am not sure of the official colorway name, I call it sherbert! It looks like lemon, watermelon and orange sherbert with little peppermint stripes between each set! Love love love it. It is for a really good friend of mine....hopefully it will fit. It appears a bit snug, but she is a skinny little thing anyway!!!!!!

Here are Big B's new fleece stuffed (or as I have seen them online called thrumbed) mittens. He doesn't use the thumbs really but I made them big enough so he should be able to wear them next year if we can still find them. He gets horribly chapped hands so a rubbed in some lotion as I was knitting the fleece in.....not sure if it will help but it can't hurt and they smell sooooo goood!!! There is no pattern. I made it up as I went along. It is knit with Black wool ease (cut me some slack, these are for my 2 year old son!!!) and some random fluff Dear hubby picked out the colors!!!

And this is what Big B thinks of potty training! I laugh my behind off every time he does this.....the only time it isn't funny is when he continues to tug and gets his head stuck in the leg hole and we have to rip it to get it off of him!!!! Isn't life at 2 years old grand!!!!!!!

And of course I am not one ounce mommy, but aren't these kids tooo dang cute!!!! This was the better of 4 attempts, they were more than happy to pose, but in one Big sis was looking in lala land, in another Big B was strangling Baby B, and in yet another Big B was cross eyed and Big sis looked drunk!!!!!! In this one Big Sis' smile is as canned as they come but over all I love the pic!!!

Ok so would you believe that this the same pair that give each other black eyes and scratches. :) A week ago now Dear hubby left the boys in the van long enough to run in to the transfer station here on island and Big B apparently threw his Tonka Cup (It has a hard hat shaped top, complete with a brin) and it obviously beamed poor baby B, the brim mark went from temple to lower eye and then the top of the hat hit him mid fore head. The bruise was not to bad but nonetheless you hate to see any baby bruised. About 2 days later baby B got his revenge though. As Bib B leaned in for a hug he reached out and clawed his Big brother across the bridge of his nose.........Hmmmmmm what's it gonna be like when they can throw punches?? Actually they get alopng great 99% of the time.

Look who is on the move!!! Our trouble has just begun!!!! So far he doesn't stray to far from mom or dad, but his curiosity is definitly peaking!

Hey guys look at me! This is how this little guy is 95% of the time. He is always ready with a smile. I thought my first 2 were easy and happy, I thought there was no way a third could be any easier, but I was wrong....the only time he is unhappy is if he is hungry or tired.......

Big sis being goofy, not all sure what she is fact niether of us remember this picture being taken....hmmmmmm very odd.

Well I am off to make a batch of homemade marshmallows with Big sis.........never done it before but sounds interesting....the worst that we could do is be left with fluff right??? Hmm not a bad mistake!!!!

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