Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lazy Sunday afternoon, and the all important Cheerios!!!!!

We all went for a walk this got over 20 degrees and the wind wasn't howling!!! We really do have the greatest views!!!!!!! When we got back to the van, we all had red cheeks and frozen noses, and Big B had fallen on his bum about a thousand times and laughed about it, but they are also all SOUND asleep !! Woohoo for us. We actually got to sit down and play a card game and watch Desperate House wives, any one else out there hooked on that silly show?????

Baby B is getting good at finger foods.....he loves to play with them but boy oh boy when he actually gets one to his mouth the grin of satisfaction is such a sweet reward!

No he does not have jauncdice!!! He has strained carrots all over his cute little mug. No sense cleaning him up until he is done!!!!

Such concentration. Perhaps a brain surgeon?

See what I mean about sweet satisfaction? That is the YEEHAW I got it mama face!!!!!!

I should have a completed pair of socks tomorrow.....I just turned the heel on numero 2.


Danielle said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog to say "hi"! Your kiddo's are all very cute! My little girl is my third child, and my happiest and easiest--not all third children are like that. She's like your third little guy, 99% of the time she's happy as a lark! I love those socks you're knitting, the colors of the yarn is just yummy!

Rachel said...

What a cute little boy! Your comment on my blog gave me a laugh. I hope you enjoy those cookies. (They are dangerous, aren't they? I had some one time with a cup of hot chocolate, and my hands were shaking for several hours after!)