Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Newest Finished Project!

So my "sherbert" jaywalkers looked like they were really closing in on being done at noon. But then I had to go to work, so that interfeared with knitting soap opera time, but anyway. While at work I obsessed about the kitchnering of the finished sock, I was reallyunhappy with it but didn't know if I could do any better. So when I got home I set to work on the unfinished sock and carefully completed the kitchnering, not to tight yet not to loose (the latter is what happened to the first sock not to mention I think I missed one of the steps and there was also a pretty good hole). I did it successfully and it looks so smooth. I then picked the other sock and undid it. I am so much happier with the finished results!!!!

Finito!!! WOOHOOO!!! I love these and I totally hope they fit my friend, Mrs. C!!!!!

I got my Christmas present yesterday too. My Mother in law gave me a gift certificate to knit picks. These are the books I got, 50 Baby Booties by Zoe Mellor (before anyone gets excited, NO NO NO I am not pregnant, I just love all things baby!) Knitting Around by Elizabeth Zimmerman, Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush and Sensational Socks...can't remember the creator! Oh and the Sock It To Me Card. Love it!!! I also got the knit picks needle case, and several needles.

Also in the package was the black skein to finish Big B's hat, which will be felted. Can't wait to see how it turns out!!!!! Anyone know wether to felt first then tack the liner or tack then felt??


Rachel said...

Very nice! Sometimes it really is worth it to frog something, especially if it means doing it to your satisfaction! Great job!

Those books look like lots of fun. I just love knitting books.

Shelley said...

Love those socks! The colour is so pretty too. Sorry, don't know anything about the lining/felting you asked about

Jo said...

thanks for the visit, and for the invite to Maine, when i'm on my tour as the uks knitting and spinning ambassador i'll make sure i pop in!

kim said...

Looking at your blog is kinda like looking into my own stash. I love it when cool neighbors pop in for a cup of tea! I even have some of the exact books in my knitting book stash. Your bookmarked now!!!
<3 That's supposed to be a heart lol