Friday, February 02, 2007

We are ALIVE!!!!!!

Ok so these pictures always post bass ackwards from what i think I am downloading them. I lack the energy to rearrange them I am going with it. For those of you here primarily for knitting content, scroll to the bottom of this long winded post!!!!

This is pic. 2 of the yarn pics...the first one all youseeis his back....he was giggling mischieviously and then he would let out a screech and wriggle across the bed....hmmmmm the "ball" was getting away from him!!

I was trying to get what I think will be one of the last few pics of his toothless grins....and the little bugger kept sitting forward, just as I was snapping the digi, is very slow......we should be inproving on that shortly!

He wanted the dangly wrist was just too tantalizing for him.....

And again with the darn strap!!

EUREEKA!!! Success, oh how sweet it is! I hid the strap in my hand and then had dar hubby make faces behind me as I held him in place!!!!! He is so strong.....he now does the commando crawl!!! Ever seen it? Belly on the ground and uses his arms primarily and then sometimes when he really wants to get somewhere fast he uses his toes to push off......CUTE CUTE CUTE

Here is the first yarn "ball" picture!!!!

An update on us before the knitting and dear daughter content!!! No posts for 2 weeks, and why might you ask???? Well after the viral croup thing with little B, we all got it....only our version was a head cold that went south. We went away the weekend befor last which was a week later than originally planned. Didn't go far but spent some quality time just with the kids! Had dinner with a dear friend and her 2 year old son, which was blissful for me. I enjoy the company of a dear friend, and living on an island surounded on all sides by water, it is a challenge to plan such outings! Got home Sunday afternoon and 3 hours later Dear daughter was puking sick, 12 hours later she had run herself empty from both ends and was just weak. She stayed home Monday to rest and recoop. Tuesday all was well, was making whoopie Pies for the community center and Dear hubby was home and getting ready to goof around with the kids (at like 4:30) when he stepped in a wet spot in the floor, he called for the dog and just as he was realizing the dog was outside, dear daughter started screaming "big B is puking EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW YUCK DDDDAAADDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYY!!!!!!" so the "puddle" was not dog produced at all. Big B's lasted till Thursday evening. Poor guy lost 9 pounds in 2 days and was almost hospitalized. I got it on Friday.......I think I had it easy actually I only had (to put it nicely) the "trots" and extreme stomach pains. I can only equate them to back labor, with a kidney was horrible. I think we are FINALLY all well. I knock on wood, throw salt over my shoulder and all those great things as I say it!
My 3rd FO of 2007 it started out as something totally different. The pattern I was going to use was mistake written and I could not find any help so I frogged it. Dear daughter is very happy with her new wool and flax sweater. I can honestly say I don't like putting together sweaters with saddles....tooo much sewing....and ends ohmy goodness!! Any way it is done and it is beautiful!

Sorry about the bad lighting but with the flash it was all washed out!!!

I can't remember if I posted the 2nd FO of 2007. But here it is. I am not fond of triangle plain shawls but this yarn HAD to go. It had been in my stash for long enough! It is done and I have sewn in the ends now.

I am currently working on Sockotta self striping socks, not sure of the colorway but I am using the jaywalker pattern and am knitting them for the aforementioned dear friend. I knit one of my first few pairs for her several years back and on our visit she told me she finally just wore the out. Out with the old and in with the new!!!


Shelley said...

Glad everyone is feeling better! Your daughter's sweater looks great, and look at her proud smile :o). Toothless grins are adorable!!

Kayt said...

cables and kids what could be better in a post??? Everything and everyone looks great!