Saturday, January 13, 2007

Close Call, Keeping the kids at arms reach!!!!

Believe it or not these 2 are sick.
After my last post things went downhill drastically. At quarter of midnight thursday night I was calling the on island clinic, because little B was struggling to breath and in fact would stop breathing for 3-5 seconds at a time......after a few seconds mom was pounding on his back which would cause him to gasp and struggle some more. Took him out to the car (it has FINALLY gotten cold here by the way) and then in to the clinic and guess what he was breathing fine and doing great.......Doc kinda looked at me funny. Keep in mind that even while struggling to breathe this little trooper was smiling at daddy and I like nothing was wrong at all. After about 10 minutes of checking him out, he started struggling again (I was kinda relieved that he did) doc gave him a breatjing treatment to which he didn't respond and seemed to actually worsen, gave him a second treatment which did help and then observed for 10 minutes while he slept on mom. Her prognosis was bronciolitis, or post nasal drip, or possibly RSV. She was more than willing to ship us out to the mainland to the ER, but we surmised that as long as he slept with mom and dad and we kept a close eye on him he would be alright at least till morning (first ferry leaves at 8 am) he didn't really sleep (and niether did we) and by 5 am he was right back to square one so we put the wheels in motion to leave ourselves. Called the pediatrician and she squeezed us in at 10:45. we took big B too because he had a fever thurs. too. They both got checked.
Prognosis for Big B was fairly good, he had an ear the was sort of red but nothing major and it looked like he was just getting what little B had full fledge!!! Viral Croup. I had heard of Croup before, but I guess I never knew how serious it could be. Apparently in babies the windpipe isn't fully developed and can actually swell shut if it gets too bad......Little B was closing in on that, not a home stretch anyone wants to take credit for being on! He was given a steroid shot and with in 2 hours was breathing normally again. We had to stay on the mainland last night as the pediatrician wanted us to be close to the ER just in case the shot wore off before it's normal 3 days, and in case hot steam and cold night air treatments didn't work. We had a horrible night last night. Dear Hubby's sister let us stay at her house which was wonderful, but little B didn't sleep all night, and he was not smiling either. I don't know if it was possibly a reaction to the steroids or if he was overitred or what but he screamed all night, nursing him didn't work, cuddling didn't work, playing with him didn't work, his pacifier didn't work.....oh my goodness. And big B was quite out of sorts in a different bed. Oh how as a mom I wish I could just take it all from them.
Today we got home on the morning ferry so by 11am we were in mommy's bed watching sensless kid TV..........As of right this second everyone is sleeping peacefully, there is no snoring, or baby seals barking in this house!

On the knitting front, I am running out of yarn it seems just short of the end of my of right now I have a sock and 3/4 and need the other 1/4 in yarn to complete, and I was working on the huge skull hat for big and I ran out of knitpicks telemark in black what's a girl to do, but start another project and pray for the best :)

Tonight I am casting on Harrisville Designs, Flax and wool yarns in the color thistle to knit my angel girl with horns Big N Little Diamonds From the book North Island Designs 4. This is the sweater she really wants, I will have to find someone else to do the embroidery as I know less than nothing about that!!!!

I hope everyone else in blogger land is doing much better that we aare these days!


Shelley said...

Do hope Big and Little B's are doing much better! How it must have frightened you when Little B wasn't breathing! I bet it was the cold air that made him "better" for a bit when you went to the clinic...

Rachel said...

My goodness, you have had a tough time of it, haven't you! I hope your little ones are better, soon. I have two babies of my own (3 and 1), and when they're sick, a mother's heart just aches for them.