Tuesday, January 02, 2007

T'was the night before Christmas and 2 days past New Years!!

So it has been a while since I last updated!!! I promised myself I would be better about it! Hmmm, guess not right! Well anyway....

The night before Christmas we go to my parents house so that my father can read "the" story! This year we started a new tradition and we came home and the kids opened one gift each, it took some planning so that we could be saved from the "OK here is your present now get to bed syndrom" so each kiddo got a stuffy and a blankie to take to bed with them. It worked
great! Little B got a stuffed Lion rattle and a fleecy blankie with a dog that squeeks, big B got a Cars fleece blankie and a Thomas fleece blankie, The big sis got Tinker Belle blankie and pillow.

As you can see little B was thrilled to pieces after big B and sis opened it for him!!!!

Thank you to the two Labs, the cat and dad and myself for a new traidtion in the Waterman household!

Oops got Dad in this one......his shirt says
FRUITCAKE: the gift that keeps on giving!

This was a gift from grammie Christmas morning and as you can see he couldn't be happier.

Bis B is on the prowl, he THOUGHT mom and Dad were both occupied in another room....much to his dismay out popped Dad so his mischief was derailed!!!

Look at the expression on Little B's face.....does it not say "GET ME OUTTA HERE" I seriosuly think he is loved to death!!!!

This is the OH No not again pose!!!

On the knitting front, I finished little B's Hello Yarns Pirate hat. It was my very first 2 color project and I am very impressed with how cute it came out, there will be pictures in the next few days. And I have 1 and a half socks done in Socks that Rock yarn. I had been reading all about it in everyone elses blogs and decided I had to try it.....well actually it twisted my arm when I found out they take paypal and I actually had money in my account from selling on ebay.......so I bought 2 skeins and they sent me a bumper sticker too LOVE IT!!! So they yarn......let me say that at first I was upset, it is a bit pricey and after knitting about a row and a half of the first cuff I came across a patch of wierd stuff about 9 inches long, but decided to keep going as it didn't seem to show......you can't see it in the finished product and the rest of the yarn thus far has been A+++++ I love it and would buy it again given they money. I mourn the fact that I can't join thier sock club......oh my what a thrill that would be, every other month recieving a ball of beautiful yarn, enough to make a pari of socks and a one of a kind pattern!!! Actually recieving anything aside from bills would be a thrill.....but alas the price is more than I pay for a months worht of diapers for 2!!!! WAAAAA!! The next update will be full of knitting pictures I promise but the family comes frist although I am not sure they are even looking as I am not seeing them in the comments........hmmmmmm

And if anyone hears of any good knit alongs or contests drop me a line!!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful New year!!!

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Taphophile said...

It sure looks like you all had a great Christmas. Happy kiddie faces are such a joy. :) Thanks for commenting on my blog. You're right, need to go the lace on the hand-dyed.