Friday, January 05, 2007

Knitterings and mishaps!

Well so we live on an island in Maine, and my hubby and little B and I went to the mainland to do some grocery shopping and such. We were leaving an appointment and there was a high gated walkway with a ladder propped across it. We had no choice but to walk under it. I am not superstitous but my dear hubby is very much so. He grumbled and walked under the ladder as quickly as possible. Nothing happened, cool, great, wonderful......! So we go about our business and before we get ready to head back on the ferry Dear Hubby fills the mini van with gas and grabs 4 $1.00 scratch off tickets as his splurge. So he hands me 2 and he takes 2. We get on the ferry a bit later and we decide to scratch them, mine were duds, hubbies 1st ticket was a dud and then his second one was a $200.00 winner!!! YEEHAW!!!!

THEN.....dun, dun dun DUNNNNNNN.....I go to work (which is a cleanign job at the Community Building) and get everything all tidied up and call my hubby to come pick me up, am headed down this set of stairs (like maybe 5 or 6 steps ) when all of a sudden I am in a heap in the lower lobby, the steps are varnished and so is the floor, there used to be a piece of black tape on the bottom step to defferentiate but they recently re varnished and did not replace that and I thought I was on the last step but was not, there was a horrendous pop, and I thought I had broken my ankle but after laying there for a few seconds a realized I could move it although it was quite sore, so a crawled over to a chiar and got up and started walking it off.......about5 minutes later it had swelled to 3 times it size!! I think I got a really good sprain, today it is all bruised and yucky looking.

On the up side though I got a ton of knitting done today with my foot up and I also took pictures of my hat and the socks that rock socks in the jaywalker pattern. And here they are!!!

Here are the Awesome jaywalkers. This is the post of "firsts" This was the first jaywalker I have ever knit, and I love the pattern Which I got from Magknits
It is a wonderful pattern and I can't say enough about the yarn either. This was my first time knitting with the much talked about in blogger land Socks that rock yarn and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It was such fun to see the colors emerge from the ball and form a sort of striping!!!! Awesome, I have another Socks that rock color way in my stash but am going to wait for the perfect pattern to slap me before I knit it up, I think I want something lacy.

This Hello Yarns Pattern was my first attempt at color work and although I knit it up as directed in the pattern it did not come out large enough to fit and adult....BUT it looks great on my 6 month old son....who reluctantly posed for a few pictures!!

I actually did the post last night but blogger would not upload my pictures! Grr. Anyway I finished the socks, and am now working on a shawl with yarn from my stash. It is Fiesta yarns, Rayon Boucle in Poppies. A pattern made up in my pea brain so we will see how it comes out.


Shelley said...

Sorry to hear about your ankle. Hope it heals up quickly!

Love your jaywalkers, and love the colours in the yarn. I haven't done the pattern yet...

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Ah ... some knitting time while healing. On one hand ... not fun ... on another hand ... no guilt ... using your time to knit is okay because you HAVE to HEAL. As long as you didn't sprain your wrist! BTW, your hat model is adorable. Bet it's hard to rest your ankle around him tho.

Susan said...

Oh, ouch, plenty of rest on that foot. Love the Jaywalkers, it's a pattern I've done twice now. Great colours.

Kayt said...

Babies with Skull Hats I LOVE it!!!!!! By the way, cute little model you have there.

Alisha said...

Cute hat!!!!!