Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thank you to the 2 knitting rings that accepted us!!

Woo Hoo!!! I am so excited....I love browsing other peoples blogs and am so excited to be a part of the surfing. And to already have 2 comments Yeehaw!!! Ok so I have been painfully busy WORKING (not the fun knitting, crafty kind either unfortunately!! I am a fill in for the Maine State Ferry Service and have been filling in today and will be tomorrow too, which is cool as it is a desk job and this time of the year is fairly uneventful, keep things cleaned up and neat, answer the phone and keep people happy. I get quite a bit of knitting done actually, but then after 9 hours there I move on to a cleaning job at the community center. It is no big deal but a 10-11 hour day is he!! on a nursing mommy of a 4 month old and mother of 2 others......On the up side though as I said I have gotten more done on that torturous aran vest......I am soooo hoping to run out of yarn :) My local yarn shop is having a season end sale this weekend and I plan on diggin the ol credit card out and stocking up for the long torturous winter to in is OK in Maine but the winters tend to be a bit long and hard especially where I live!!! Well I do not have pictures today (actually I do but I am to dang lazy to go get the camera and cord....hey remember I have been WORKING today cut me some slack) I will hopefully get some new pics of the progress up on Friday. I am also hoping that my KP order will be in. How long does it usually take???


dianne said...

You're welcome!! We're glad you're on The Knitting Path:)!

Jo said...

I took a step back on the kntting path (joined today and found your blog. Was only browsing Knit Picks yesterday. Hope you have fun at the LYS