Thursday, November 16, 2006

Happy Feetses!!!

Ok so these are THE socks!!! I made Dear daughter a slipped honeycomb sock! She loves them so much! She went upstairs and then came down on the the fly....poor kid she is going to have a bruised belly and banged up elbow.....she popped right up and checked her socks though. Had to explain that brand new wool socks tend to be slippery on wood floors!

Here's the littlest foot eating monster, nekkid no less :) I love the toe sucking action but as soon as I dig out the camera he stops and looks as if to say "uh uh mom no black male pictures of me hahahaha"

And of course I had to take pics of Big B's feet after taking a pic of sissy's. No way could I not take a picture of his feet in his froggie boots.....gotta find a few more sizes of these, they were hand me downs and the kid wants to live in them....gotta love it!!:)

I have the Stacey sweater on the needles and am liking the way it is progressing, will post more on the another day, I am however worried that it will not fit APPB, and will not see her till around turkey day so will keep knitting and hope it doens't all end up in the frog pond!!

Thanks to all who have left comments!!!

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Shelley said...

The socks look great! I do hope your daughter is alright from her fall though.

Those froggie boots are adorable! Hopefully you'll be able to find some more for him.

That toe sucker...he's so cute!