Saturday, November 04, 2006

Knit Picks Kicks A$$!!!!

So I got home and there sitting at my mailbox was this little box loaded with awesome projects just waiting to be started!!!!
A second Treasury of Magical Knitting...has anyone done these? they look impossibly hard.......are they?
I am gonna try knit picks options needles, I got a 60 inch circular (it is actually a 2 pack woohoo, and a 40 inch 2 pack and then I got 3 different size needles

Here is the total package! I tried to get this one to list first but have not gotten the finer points of picyture placement on this thing yet!!!

This is the bare yarn that daughter and I will be dying there is 880 yards of worsted weight for her socks, and then 880 yards of lace weight for something frilly, yet to be determined! The Blue is Colonial Blue For cousin APPB's BGK's sweater, I think it will be the cover sweater to accentuate her most bodacious of B's!! ( You lucky girl!!!)

Then there is 2 skeins (at the top) ofmerino silk mix.....hmmm think of the yummy cuddly things that can be made out of those!!!!!! 2 skeins of white and black for a skull and crossbones project for my boys and then 4 skeins of self striping yarn. Gonna make some cool socks for my happy toes!!!!!

It has been a happy knitting I will not allow myself to start anything new until this DAMN aran vest is done YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Off to bed with my sleepy head although my 4 month old is sitting beside me laughing as if to say yeah right mom, sleep....hahahaha, little does he know I was up at 3 am cleaning the community center this morning and will have a repeat tomorrow morning!!! YUCK!!

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