Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Cousin Knits too!!!!!

I had to share these photos, as my 19 year old cousin knit this. I am so proud of her, despite adversity she is in college and is doing well with her classes, she has been home every weekend so far, although she says this has come to an end. We will miss her giggley self but I will also say that it is important for her (you as I know you will look at this eventually) to become her/your own person. You are beautiful in more ways than just outward manifestations, you have a beautiful soul. APPB is one of the most giving, caring people around, and is one of the few her age that would prefer to be hanging out with kids then making the big bucks. Anyway, enough with the mush.
The first pic I had to include as you can see the fingers of someone hiding behind this "baby" blanket. And then look top center at the sparsley clad hunk hanging on the wall. Ooooh Lala!! Hey I am married not DEAD!!! This second one shows the details. To quote APPB "she sorta came up with it herself" I believe that she came up with the star herself and did a dang good job if I do say so myself. I have a similiar pattern I found in a very old (almost antique) book and it has lacey hearts in the squares. The star is a good idea as my daughter in her sleep has gotten hands, fingers and toes caugth in the lacey-ness and fought it in her sleep only to come to mommy with a mess in the morning!!!!

Anyway APPB, you rock. Keep knitting, I found in college it was the best therapy! I would study until my eyes teared and then go to my knitting and would find my thoughts wandering back to what I had studied and somehow through the clicks of the needles and twists of the yarn, the information firmed (or gelled) in my muddled head. I don't know how it works but still today, I find that knitting helps me work out things. The harder the pattern the better, the confusion is a welcomed distraction!

I love ya chickie!!!!!!
Yur Cuzin

Oh yeah.....woohoo side note for me, I finished that damn aran vest and blocked the pieces this AM, got pics will post later, but want APPB to get some glory first!!!!! Hope to have vest DONE DONE before days end, so that I can start APPB's Boobalicious sweater from BGK!!

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