Tuesday, November 07, 2006

3 posts in one day What's with that??

Click Click Beautiful.......Big B was trying to imitate mom who was snapping her fingers, trying to get both babes to look up instead of in three different directions!!!! What a little ham!

Little B is looking just oh so bored with the whole situation!!!! Although Big B is hamming it up!!!

Rasberries for you kiddo!!! Litle B has learned to stick his tongue out....just in time for the start of cereal...oh what fun!!!!!!!

I think this is quite possibly going to be my favorite toothless, gummy, picture of all times of little B. I took it this morning and was amazed how adorable it came out!!!!! Ain't he a doll?

Are these things mine??? Little B has discovered his toes. His next feat will be to single handedly get thenm into his mouth so he can suck his toes!!!!!!! Babies are such fun!!!!!

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Shelley said...

Stopping by to say hello on my way around the Knitting Path. Big B and Little B are both adorable!!