Monday, November 13, 2006

Kool Aid and Swatches

Ok so very rarely do I actually do a full fledged swatch...I know I know I shoul,d BUT I have never had a bad sweater comeout of not swatching......anyhow this is the sweater for my cousin, so I figured I would be good and then I got into it, and before I knew it the swatch was full size and I had to stop!!! I love the pattern and have begun the sweater, in fact right now on my needles I have all 6 tedious inches of the 2x3 ribbed waist band.....argh 6 inches of knit knit purl purl purl...BORING!! but I also have about 4 whole honeycombs done. I am knitting the sweater on circs, doing both front and back at once, It is fun!

This is my soaking wet wool, in pink lemonade and fruit punch!!! I did not mush the koolaid in as much and the result was beautiful when balling the yarn it had a tie dye affect with some white remaining. I love it and can't wait to experiment with it. Smells delicous!!

Dear daughters socks fit (the ribbing and about 3 inches of the cuff of #1 done so far! Not sure how long she will want it but shouldn't take to long to get those done!!!!

Catch you all later,and may just give you a quick peek at the socks and what is doneof the sweater!!

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Shelley said...

The swatch for the sweater looks great. I started a pair of kids mittens with the honeycomb pattern - they called it M & M though as they used multi coloured yarns and it reminder the woman who was making it of M & M's. I think the sweater is going to look great in that pattern. Can't wait to see it as it progresses.