Sunday, November 26, 2006

And Life gets in the way!!!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Turkey day!!! Ours was great w e had 2 dinners, one with my parents and one with dear hubbies whole family and it was great. A day before the big day we got a mixed bag report on my mom's health. Crossing our fingers that it is nothing. I tell you , be thankful for your health and never take a second for granted. It is a hard lesson to learn, and I sometimes forget myself, BUT you never know what tomorrow will bring.Ok so on APPB's Stacy (Ha I spelled it right this time) sweater on the 22nd I had the back about half done and was still fretting about whether it would fit or not.

Today I have the back all done the front arm hole decreases done, the left shoulder and neck ALMOST all done, phew, and APPB stopped by last night and says she loves the color and it will fit. The stretch on this sweater is amazing. APPB has this teeny waist ( I am jealous, but then again I have 3 wee ones and have NEVER had a teeny waist) at times I was worried it would be to big, but then would look at it and think it was to small.......I work myself into a tizzy when knitting for someone else. I am always afraid they will be brutally honest and then again afraid they will lie and say they love it when in fact they will hate it!!!

Adventures in sock knitting!! Aggravating adventures at that....sooooo this is the sock that I was kitting for myself......ok so start from the beginning, remember a few posts back how I said I hate knitting swatches......ok so I typically knit tight on dbl pointed needles....the pattern called for 1's I normally go up a size...well I don't own size 2's and LYS is closed for the season sooooo I decided to use 3's first mistake! so as you can see she was coming along fairly well, I love, love, love the pattern which comes from an old Interweaves magazine. I did the cuff and thought "gee that looks large even fro my legs" but did not try them on, which was 2nd MISTAKE. so I continue to knit all the way down through 6, 12 row pattern repeats, still thinking it looks large I turn the heel and work about 2 inches of the foot before I say "I better try this puppy on to make sure it fits....." much to my dismay and my hubby's enjoyment it is huge, with the natural stretch in the pattern plus the excess due to the larger needles I could have fit both of my legs in there!!!!! So I frogged the whole thing and am working them up on size 1's. If they don't fit me do I have any takers?!?!?! :) Will post current pics when I am not so mad at the whole project!!!!!!

Here is little b ready for church on famliy Sunday last weekend. His big sis got to sing. he and Big B were relatively good. Grammie had to loan Big B her bracelet to keep his attention. Someone came up to us after and said they thought both little and big B would become preachers.......hmmmmm. I doubt it, but maybe. This is little man all dressed in his sunday best.
S. thought it would be funny to give little B mom's sock yarn to play with. I figured they gotta start somewhere. Maybe he will be a knitter...haha his father and grandfather would probably frown on this idea. Whatever makes em' happy I say!!!!

I am very excited. Inever get invited anywhere (this isn't a pity party type comment, it has to do with having a rather large family and not being into the whole partying thing as heavily as some others...etc) and I actually got invited to a Yankee Ornament Swap. So I got on and ordered up some ornament kits. 3 in all and then I spied a book called "knitting angels" and had to get it. I am hoping it is what it sounds like.........but anyway as soon as they get here I will be creating ornaments, and hoping it will fill me with holiday cheer. Bah Humbug....sorry for those of you Christmas Lovers, I am trying to like it but it is difficult. I do it for my kids and try to smile!

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