Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Easter (a wee late)

The Easter Bunny made it to our house for another year of Easter Egg Hunting!!! He sure dropped a load at our house. Hope he left some for other kids! The boys got these cool coloring books that you use a marker filled with water to color, and then when they dry you can do it all over again!! NO muss no fuss. Shy got a Girls only password journal...... and they all 3 got the Martian matter kit with 2 refills. I have to say this stuff is pretty cool.............there is a play doh like stuff you make a mold out of , you pour this liquid goop in top it off with a playdough cookie and then in about 3-5 minutes you have this slimy little martian. Cut him open and he oozes slime or just play with the liquid stuff does not harden if you drip it on the table.....very odd!!
Bud barely awake but finding eggs!!!!
Bret found an egg right outside of his bedroom door. I am not sure he really knows what is going on!
Shyanne givin Bret a lift up, to find the egg he found!
the Easter Bunny also somehow knew shyanne LOVES to read and LOVES Hannah Montana
Looks suspiciously like SOMEONE got into the chocolate before 8am!!! Is that not what Easter is about for kidlings?

A great end to a beautiful Easter Sunday!

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Dianne said...

Looks like the Easter Bunny was very good to some sweet kids. I love the picture of Shy helping her brother find the eggs. Too precious!

P.S. Someday I'm going to remember to copy down that Hash Brown Casserole recipe. You've gotta try it...Yum!