Tuesday, March 11, 2008

FO'S and new projects!!

Ok so here is the Celtic bag from Interweave Magazine,. I decided I wanted to knit it simply because I had the yarns called for and it was a bag, and I have never made a bag. It still needs a button, it was very easy, EXCEPT taking the darker colors and going around the edges.....that was not fun. I think for a button I will try and find an oblong wooden type button.....I like it but still ave no idea what I am going to do with it!!!!

This is Holly's chemo cap without beads. I COULD not figure out how to thread beads on this particular yarn. It is very split, and not so squishy, so to thread a needle with beads and this yarn you couldn't get the beads over the area below the needle eye where the yarn doubles over n itself........I fought and fought and fought with it before I gave up. I tried the crochet hook method, and this yarn is like 10 strands of thread lightly twisted...so the crochet hook would grab 2 or 3 strings and that was it......I was so upset I couldn't get it to do what I wanted it to but I will deal with imperfect.

I feel a case of start-itis coming upn me. Which is realy OK, the only old project I have on the needles are the jaywalker socks. And I will finish those. My newest cast on, is a North Island Farm Aran. Designed by Jean Baker-White who is an amazingly talented lady, most well known for her quilts which have been in many publications! The yarn is from locally grown sheep which is sheered here and she faarms the fleece out here in Maine and has it processed into this fabu. yarn. I choose to use a bulky version for theis sweater, but the worsted weight is quite lovely too! The pattern is written in pieces but I am trying to knit it in the round, less sewing together in the end. I am quite easily confused translating patterns though, so we shall see how it goes!!!! I plan to start a Chicken Viking hat soon as well. This is another one of those projects I sw on line and really just want to do it. I think they are hysterically funny. Little viking hats with chicken legs sticking out of them :) TOOO mUCH

Well we are all still healing up from the respiratory flu. John coughed so hard he screwed up his intestines and had to have a shot of valium mixed with something else. I can say I was JEALOUS. The Dr. drove him home and he slept peacefully for almost 8 hours!!!!!! :) Not that he didn't need it...but he was completely oblivious to the fact that the 4 of us were downstaris shivering shaking and battling the crud too......I told the Dr. as much too when I sw him......he said and I qoute "sounds like he owes you one.....the next time you have stomach pains look me up, I'll take good care of you!!!" I laughed as did he. I was JUST joking....well I will admit when I watched him sleeping so soundly the thought crossed my mind to yell FIRE just to see what he would do.......MUAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. But we are all on the mend officially now (I THINK) just still feeling tired and worn out.

I worked today and was KIP'ing (Knitting in Public) and this really nice lady whom I have talked to several times was out working with the pre-school kiddies. She says she is a new knitters but I remember on eof the first time we spoke I was knitting the butterfly shawl and she said she was knitting a civil war shawl. New knitter project.......I don't think so!!!! I have seen these shawls and covet the day I have enough time to knit one. She then explained that she was still learning new techniques....she was working on socks, and things like that. AHAHA now I understand!! She is a newbie like I was.....tackle the ough stuff and the easy stuff scares the poop out of you!!! Got it!!! Color Work still intimidates me! BAH....cables all over the place, double pointed needles don't make me faint, lace work WOOHOOO bring it on....but you hane me a pattern with more than one color and FORGET IT, I am a puddle of mush! She brought up another good point too....reading patterns. I don't know how I learned how to read patterns.......I think I picked out a simple one with help and just went from there.


Mother of Chaos said...

Oh wow. I love that bag! Weird coincidence, I was just going through my old magazines this last weekend identifying the "keeper" patterns, and that bag was one of them!

Beautiful work, as usual. :)

Dianne said...

That bag is great! I'm glad everyone is feeling a bit better.