Wednesday, March 26, 2008

NO I am not pregnant!!!!!! Don't even go there!! :)

Just wanted to make that clear from the get go!!!! I am however, enamored with this book! I am a fairly good knitter, not to toot my own horn or anything, but aside from color work I can pretty much jump into most any pattern unscathed! This book is TEACHING me things. Mostly to think outside of the box when it comes to socks. The BEST part of the book (or at least I think) is that each section starts with a baby sock or bootie. So if you read the pattern and don't think you "get it" or are not sure you like it, you can knit a baby bootie before you commit to a whole sock!!!! I didn't think I liked the first ones...the red and purple but upon knitting them realized they are really really really cute!! Cat Bordhi has an amazing mind! She and Elizabeth Zimmermann are my knitting heroes!

You will see many more wee little socks from this book! As I plan to knit a pair of each and then start picking my way through the adult sized socks!!!

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Dianne said...

Hehehe! You are too funny. The book sounds great. I'm looking forward to more baby bootie pictures on your blog. I've never read any of her books - I think I'll have to add them to my "must buy someday" list.