Friday, March 07, 2008

Freaky Flu phlem flying friday

So ever just had one of those days, turn into one of those weeks, which turns into one of those months, and appears to be turning into one of those years? Well my life is one of those Sienfield episodes, you know the ones, where verything and nothing happens all at once to one person and you can totally relate????? So Sunday I was minding my own business walking at the gym and

my hubby came streaking across the lot to tell me one of the ladies at the ticket office had come off sick and I needed to go work for her. OK, so I had walked for all of 10 minutes woohoo.....oh well. So I get my gear ready and head out the door. I walk into the office and my co worker, who is a great lady to work with says.....she thinks she was getting the flu, I disinfected EVERYTHING...the phone the knobs the desks, the arms of the chairs EERYTHING she touched!!!!

Good I said and we went about our day. chatted listened to music, knitted played Homeland Security...the usual. Went home and was fine, Monday was Ok all day and then in the evening I started getting this tickled in my throat......went to bed woke up with a fever of 102.4......which for me is like 104.2 as my normal temp is 96.6. yeehaw I had it all shakes, shimmys, quakes, bone aches, muscle cramps, charlie horses and halucinactions.....Tuesday morning my coworker ( the one I worked with on Sunday) called to find out if I could work for her cause hse had gotten the we comiserated for a minute or 2 and then went to bed. I had a fever for 3 straight days and was sicker than I was when my appendix burst. But niether hee nor there, John took very good care of me, AND then HE got the fever
O YAY, poor guy, knew I was no where near being up to doing anything so he went about doing and dealing while also boiling from the inside out......then yesterday morningall 3 of the kids had it, and apparently Shyanne brought home this nasty little stomach bug to go along with it!!!! Coughing razor blades, with an elephant on our chests while trying not to mess our depends :) It has been a bowl full of fun games here at our house. Then last night while Bud was having a fever siezure and we were alternating doses of Children's Motrin and Tylenol we realized we didn't have much left. So I being the only one who hadn't had a fever in a while said I would go to the mainland and replace our supply...we also were out of toilet paper, and a few other unimportant odds and bear in mind in all I lost 13 pounds from Monday to last night so I feel like flattened road ,
like butt punches, like dead skunk, pecked by crows in 100 degree heat......all I want to do is pause everyone around me, crawl into my bed in the fetal position for a few days till it all blows over, but when you have kids and they are sick.....sometimes that is not an option.......period!


Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

This really sucks. Hope you all feel better soon. And a *HUG* to you.

Dianne said...

Oh, no. You poor thing. I hope all that nasty sickness is gone by now.

Shelley said...

Oh how terrible to have everyone so sick all at the same time! I do hope you all get better very soon!!!