Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SOCKS SOCKS and more Socks`

So I am still in love with the Jaywalker pattern. Most patterns I knit once and have had enough of, very few will I turn to again and again and it knitting ADD....I don't know. But I love the way the pattern effortlessly turns into zigzags. This pair is really very special......and had sort of taken a back burner, for chemo caps, and awareness angels for a bit. This is the first project that I have knit with my own hand spun yarn.......I must say it has been fun.......I know what it is, I am positive there are no knots anywhere in my cake cause I did it......from start to finish.....
I have gotten a lot of comments on the colors, and a few have asked where they can get the yarn.....and all are SHOCKED when I say it is MY handspun. "YOURS, I thought you JUST taught yourself how to spin this summer" as if to say I shoudl not be any good yet......well I attribute that to my OCD :) I have this perfection complex and I try to limit it to my crafts at this point in my life!

Back to the socks......they are awesome.....I am loving the end results, I am doing 2 at once on circulars, I have turned the heels, and only have 2 more gusset decreases before it is just straight brainless knitting till the toe. These socks are for me....and I may not wear them, I may frame them and just gaze adoringly at them from time to time. :)

The sweater in the previous post.......the NAUGHTY sweater in the previous post......look very closely at that picture in the previous you see anything odd, or off in that picture? Look closely, well really you don't have to look that closely unless
you are blinded by the fact that it is knitting up very quickly and looking quite lovely with the all natural sheen......until you hold it up to natural light to gave upon it's beauty.......and notice that the top 3 inches in not see through and the rest is......then upon closer inspection you notice there is even a difference in color (please note that I did NOT use the words:slight, or little or any variation on those words) in the top 2 or 3 inches. Go ahead go look I will wait for you to return.......................................................................
See told you.........blah, what happened? Yeah well So I had 9 skeins of the yarn that I myself grabbed.......well I thought they were all Bulky weight....ummmmmmm well apparently the first 2 I used were not Bulky they were worsted weight....the other 7.....ummm yeah they were Bulky!!!! I ripped out the offending skein of yarn and off I went to return the Bulky in exchange for some Worsted......the whole thing is in time out for a bit!!!!!

My birthday..... it was great. My hubby bought me a new walking outfit......not that you need special clothes to walk, BUT this stuff is the moisture wicking stuff, and I must say it works well enough to short out a battery powered St. Patty's Day Button,......(long uninteresting story, involves, sweat, moisturewicking clothes and a button pinned to the shirt....nuff said) The kids bought my a new Rachel Ray cookbook (I love that woman!!! Watch her everyday, peeved that my magazine subscription ran out and I can't justify $20.00 on the subscription) My parents bought me my favorite perfume oil and body spray (I have worn The Body Shops White Musk since I was 15....that is over half my life at this point, I have tried other perfumes and none compare....this is just me, it is light and clean.....I absolutely Love it and have stopped looking for others to use) they also gave me a singing bear that plays an elvis tune. My friend gave me a beautiful necklace that she had her mom make right in front of me.....sneaky sneaky It is Dichroic Glass, and her mom is going to teach a class in it here on is beautiful! Lets see......John cooked dinner, and then he and shy made a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.....from scratch! It was yummy! The best gift though I must say is that a person I love very much made the move to be in contact again. It has been a source of heart ache for a while now, it may take a bit of time for all the wounds to heal, but we will take it one step at a time, and as long as we are moving forward we will get there!

I have blabbed long enough for one post!! Hopefully within the next few days I will have the socks done and framed!! Just Kidding (or at least I think I am!!!)

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Dianne said...

Your yarn is fabulous! I've been spinning for a couple of years, and have yet to spin something that I can use for socks. It looks great!

Glad you had a nice birthday. :)