Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pictureless Thursday

So I have completed yet another pair of booties and have cast on a pair of socks from the book. This is the first knitting book I have ever had that I have literally knit from the beginning..and plan to knit to the end. It is full of wonderful information.

I am going to run my April "Things I hope to Accomplish" List.
1) Knit the Body of the NIF Aran.
2) Knit 2 angels
3) Finish a full size pair of socks from Pathways.
4)Knit a Baby Surprise Jacket
5) Knit a hat of some sort
6)Work on a Mitten Design for the Island Institute Shop.
7) Leave comments on 30 new blogs! People we in the blog world live for comments....I started this blog thinking it was just for me......but I love getting comments. So if you read a blog entry on the net and it makes you grin.......let em' know!

Sounds like a lot right? Well actually if I am honest with ya'll the NIF Aran is almost to the bottom of the sleeve holes anyway and is a fairly quick knit, when it is not in time out. The BSJ is a mindless knit now that I have 3 under my belt and they are soooooooooooooo cute, it is good to have a couple in the wings for those baby showers, and I have a feeling in the next year or so I will have my fair share of them to attend!

As for my March Hit List
March Goals-
Finish Celtic Bag- OH Yeah baby and it came out AWESOME!!!
Finish Jay walkers (if I find them)- I am so psyched about my first homespun yarn project!!!
Knit 3 more chemo caps-Only ended up knitting one because the yarn was soooooo yucky!
2 angels- I have them knit they just need to be starched.....and I will I have a few more days!
log 20 hours of walking or some form of a$$ moving-Umm NO, I was so sick I woulda rather been dead. the only moving that happened was the vibrating bed from my fever induced shivering!
not kill my kids!!!!- Well as of 7:55 pm Thursday March 27 they are still living, breathing, splahing me while they are in the tub, throwing more food than they eat, picking on one another little cretins!

So I don't think I did too bad for March.


Dianne said...

Wow, that's a lot to accomplish in April. Good luck! I just want April to be over with and get safely into May. April is a bad month for me. Work is always tense (we install a major exhibit in the museum every April), and my last two dogs to cross the rainbow bridge died in April. Mellie just last year, and Scarlett in 2003. I still miss them both sooo much every day. April sucks.

Dianne said...

Crap, that comment was a real downer. Sorry. I'm going to try and dig out that recipe for the hash brown casserole thing and either blog it or send it to you in an email.