Thursday, February 28, 2008

A new day dawning

Ok so I apologize for my end rant. But I do have cute kids right?????? I have been feeling a bit like my best isn't near good enough lately. Not anything earth shattering. Thank you for the commment......I needed the hug!

Ok so it is a new day, and while I am bit down in the gulley still it is ok. I want to take inventory on this month. My goals were to do 2 angels....I did 4 this month. To do the sleeves from the sweater from he!!, I finshed the sweater It is fineto!!. I did not however turn the heel on the jaywalkers.....I in fact don't even know where the jaywalkers are to be honest......I think they are in hubby's car somewhere.......his car resembles the front yard on the Sanford and Son show. He is a born pack rat....drives me nuts cause I am the oppostie unless we are talking yarn....but that is TOTALLY different (right ladies?). So that is that. But in addition to those projects, I knit 2 chemo hats for a friend with breast cancer, 1 Odessa hat for my daughter, and a knitters basket that I have no idea what I will do with!!! And I am about 5/8 done the Celtic bag from interweave.
My friend has sent me 3 skeins of yarn and would like a few more chemo hats which I am happy to oblige her with...more than happy actually!

March Goals
Finish Celtic Bag
Finish Jay walkers (if I find them)
Knit 3 more chemo caps
2 angels
log 20 hours of walking or some form of a$$ moving
not kill my kids!!!!

That's it for march, aside from becoming another year older too! Blah......I was a green baby! Drink some green beer for me!!!


Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

Yes... yarn is different. Yarn is important and other stuff isn't. *nod, nod, nod*

p.s. You and I need to catch up, Cuz. :)

Shelley said...

Hope things are going better for you. Love your last item on your March not kill your kids! That is always a good thing, to not kill them ;o).

Trying to catch up my reads after being in Egypt for nearly a month...still behind in them, but getting caught up and also getting back into the knitting!

Anonymous said...

hi there sweetie, geez I been away from dropping line to perk ya up a bit, you have the smile that can change your parents day from gloomy to sunshine and have a wonderful hubby and 3 darling children that sure know how to bring out the sun. The angel you did for your Uncle Bill was loved and appreciated greatly. You strive to do to much overload plate and tend to berate yourself for not getting it all done there is only so many hours in a given day and it is impossible to be perfect. Take it easy and take time to see the wonderful creations you have!!! Hope the flu bug hurries and leaves your house and does not invade here, Love ya but do not want to share the bug. Yes you do have a birthday this month but hey that is one day older than the day before so cheer up ya still young and healthy most of the time.. Love ya sweetie, Mom