Sunday, February 24, 2008

More FO'S and kids galore OMGosh R we from Mars??? And ramblings about sadness.

This is Shyanne's hat, she fell in love with the chemo caps I made for Holly. It looks really cute on her I must say!

THese are the angels I made for another friend and her sister, one will have a children with diabetes support ribbon in it's hands, her daughter is 3 and in Bud's class, and she has diabetes. She is a wicked trooper UNBELIEVABLE actually and her parents handle it amazingly well too. THey have 3 other children as well. THe other angel is for the mother's sister who is in a relationship with someone with a 7 year old son who is battling leukemia! YIKES!!!!

This is the FO of the Inishman that almost kicked my tush!!!!

All in all it came out well!!!

This is the second chemo cap for my friend. The pic of Shy is AWFUL but she would not relax!!

THis is what I fought to get what I got!! :) She is sch a dork!

Bud as himself!!

Bret as Shy's dress up doll!!

Ummmm BUD-dina

Shy and Bud played in Shyannes room all morning one morning quietly it was was a wee bit less than impressed with the results :)

Bretty spaghetti

Shy Fry Godiva

Bud-dina doing the macerena.

Curtsy curtsy

Now for the ramblings...........just because I give up, unwillingly, but I give up. I have to for my sanity.

My family, I love my family and everyone in it. I am going through an episode with one of my family members. She used to read the blog, I don't know if she still does or not. At this point it does not matter because everything I do makes things worse, no matter if it is directed at her or not. I am an adult. I am saddened because she will not confront me with her anger. What happened??? Well she is away going to school, she left some odd away messages on her IM and when I spoke with her several times on the phone and on the IM, as well as playing online cards with her she was off. I asked her DIRECTLY what was up and she continually just said nothing, it is stress or whatever......some of what she was saying had to do with what I considered to be possible health problems.....I stewed on it for a week or better, while continually trying to get info out of her with no luck. Then one day I was cleaning at the center and MY NIECE who also happens to be her friend came in and I helped her carry some boxes into the class room and then I asked her how she thought this person was doing......we started talking MUTUALLY about things we were worried about, I left that conversation feeling a bit better and like perhaps I was looking too deeply, but still concerened. Well from there all I can do is guess what happened, I think my niece went and told my family member everything that was discussed on both parts but made the whole convo seem like it came from me. Anyhow I thought NOTHING more of this conversation until my family member (let's call her F1) started giving me the cold shoulder, ignoring my family and just being really really OFF. Anyway this bugged me, every once in a while a glimpse of normalcy would come through and I would think it was all my mind.....then I had a convo with a mutual friend who reluctantly told me something was up so I wrote F1 a long letter apologizing for WHATEVER I had done, and asking for her to confront me, scream, yell whatever.....and saying no matter what I love her, but I can't with 3 kids dwell on it so for the time being she would get what she gives, meaning if she ignores me I will ignore her apparently that made it much worse.......but whatever.....I took her off my IM list because I couln't handle seeing her around. Well I put her back on a week or so ago, hoping that she might speak while she was on vaca. We went away the other day and hinted we needed a dog sitter, because I was hoping a friend would return a favor (which she offered but we had found a better nephews watched the dogs) it had NOTHING with her. Came back home yesterday after a good night away with the kids altho Bret was in a head on collision but that is a whole nother story. So while I was on concussion watch I did laundry and cleaned the house and left a msg saying something about the dogs doing well with the new sitter cause the boys are on my IM list.......I had thanked them and told them to look at my away msg...they thought it was cool . Well this AM she is pissed because she thought it was a stab at her. I lov ethe kid to death but she obviously thinks the world revolves around her. I am at a stand still. I am comfortqable with where I left things....but she obviosly has a chip on her shoulder. I am going to take her back off my list so that I no longer see her msgs first thing in the am and she can no longer see my msgs, cause obviously thinks my msgs all pertain to her, and I am tired of causing more damage to a toxic situation. I am a good person, I did nothing to intentionally hurt her and I still am not sure why she is so pissed. If you are reading this I love you, and am a phone call, a drop by or an e-mail away. I truley do wish you would clear the air, even if it is just to say FU I don't ever want to speak to you again. Get it out there and friggin own it. Instead of doing what you are doing now............this is stupid! What I have learned from this situation.....I am not allowed to talk to friends or family about mutual friends or family when I am concened, I am not supposed to clear the air, and as much as you THINK you know someone you don't. Did I miss anything?

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Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

Cute kid picks. And here's a *hug* if you need one. :)