Thursday, April 10, 2008

Overwhelmed and Exhausted

Pictureless Thursday couldn't come at a better time!!! OMgood gravy. So the past alost 2 weeks has been a roller coaster. My mom has been sick and treated for various illnesses (infections) and to make a long story very very short (just ask her after 7 days in the hospital) she had a staff infection in her port. She is Ok now but it was quite serious and quite scarey for all those who care bout her. I know she is a tough lady, but my god......I just got my greys blended with blond hihlights cut me a break will ya!!!

Then Bud........oh he is gonna be a hard case to stay on top of! First he has been 2 weeks with no accident!! WOOHOO!!!! How proud am I???? Over the moon. This little boy had his tongue snipped in November. Until then he couldn't move his tongue.....for those of you who follow this blog you know all about it, for those who are new to it bo to the Nov. archives and you will see the details. ANY way........he had a hard time talking swallowing etc......well the changes have been INCREDIBLE!!!!! but now I am getting some pressure to turn his records over to the schools speech therapist........he is 3......3 years old........I am being paranoid, but I feel like they are looking forward to find thier next SPED children......we have a teeny school and they get a lot of funding for the SPED end of the school......which is getting sparse right now.......I refused, flat out.....said no will not happen, he has a full nother year of preschool and his pediatrician is not concerned, and we had him independantly evaluated and they said he is well with in the normal limits. As parents, we (his daddy and I) feel such a range of emotions, protection, fear of doing the wrong thing, anger that he is being singled out, labled, and put in a category at 3, frustration, and many others to go with it! I pray we are making the right decision for our little boy, and in our fight to protect him from being labled at 3 years old, we are not hindering him. I would hope with the early childhood education I have under my belt and the many hands on experiences with children I would be capable of recognizing anything in my own children. If his father and I thought there really was something wrong, we would jump on it. Why do I allow them to make me doubt my decision and my passion in parenting my child?


Dianne said...

I'm glad your mom is doing better. Regarding Bud, if your pediatrician and the independant therapist tell you not to worry, listen to them. They have nothing to gain or lose (unlike the school district) through Bud's evaluation. You're a good momma!

Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

*HUGS* to you and your mom. :)

And I agree with Dianne. If the doc and the therapist think he's doing good then don't worry about it. And don't let anyone make you doubt yourself. You're a wonderful mom! :)