Monday, December 11, 2006

What is next?

Ok so let me preface this post with the fact that I hate posts without pictures and I myself USUALLY skip those. Shame on me I know, BUT I had to post as I am so excited, and I did not want to post a pictures quite yet.

I am DONE the Stacy Pullover for APPB!! Woooooohooooooo. The arms are on, and I even taught myself how to crochet today so that I could do the trim around the neck!!!!! I have to block it and then I will post some pics.

I was so happy I cast on my second sock, for which I know I do not have enough yarn but I want to see how far I get!!!

(I am doing the happy dance very quietly, as both boys are asleep and big B is coming down with something, and has been a wholey terror all day!!!!)


Anonymous said...

hey heather--

i just found out about your new site today. i was actually looking for your old one on google the other day, no success. now i know why.

from the previous pictures of that sweater it looks like its going to be really cute.

jut thought i would stop by and comment ya. I'm sure i'll see you on multiple occasions while in on the island in a few weeks.

<33 Angela said...

OOh,just found your blog!! so excited. What an excellent knitter you are. I see how the Stacey should look....I can do it! My kids are almost out of the nest, I work part-time & am certainly not nursing. You have my admiration.
Yours in heartfelt best wishes, Karen