Friday, December 15, 2006

OOOH Laaa Laaaa Finito, and other knitterings!

Ok so as you can see the sweater is finished...(hehehe and this is what little b did while I finished it LOL)

Here is an actual pic of the finished sweater, it blocked very nicely and I am hoping that APPB will let me get a picture of her wearing the sweater! It was a fun pattern to knit and was quick, in reality, although the sleeves were painful in 2x3 ribbing!

This is just how far my second sock got before the yarn petered out!!! WAA.....well here's hoping and wishing for a knit picks. com gift certificate from the fat man in the red suit!!

Ok so here is the actual proof!! S came downstairs after going to bed and said she couldn't sleep because she had a tummy ache......Mommy asked "so how much frosting did you eat?" to which she replied "None" hmm this pic is a bit suspicous ain't it???

Little B waiting for mommy to finish downloading the pictures so she can feed Priorities you know! Just look at him doesn't he look the part of an undernourished neglected child??? NOT!!!

This is Big B getting his temp lowered! Poor little man has had a fever for 4 days now off and on, went to the doc yesterday, and got no real called and he conferred with our pediatrician and if his fever goes over 100.5 we are to call and they will give us antibiotics...hmmmmmmm.

Big B demanded that little B wear sissies hat.....a pink flowery scooby doo hat. He definitely looks cute in a brain cover!!!

Our house was over 80 degrees today so everyone was pretty much stripped!!!!!! It is December in Maine, what is going on?????

I am now up to the thumbs on fleece stuffed mittens for the big sis. No pics as of yet but I knot them out of unknown scraps a pattern from my head (or lack of pattern, they are very plain) and I knit them 2 at a time on 2 circular needles. They came out good!!!


Shelley said...

Ok...I think in the first pic, Little B is just very upset that you didn't make a sweater for him. You just teased him to the dickens by putting him on top of someone else's sweater...hehehe!

I do hope Big B's fever goes down soon. Poor little (I mean big) fella - no fun being sick.

The gingerbread house looks great! I made gingerbread men cookies today. They're nekkid though, no frosting or any of that good stuff on top - just a plain cookie. I've had 2 so far....mmmmmm!

MollyKnits said...

Your sweater looks great, but those kids are the cutest things ever!