Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Pagent, Santa, and finshed projects, oh my!!

My Big girl did her first Christams Sunday School Pagent, and can I say bursting at the seams with pride. My big girl said her lines slowly, clearly, and loudly! She remembered what she was supposed to do, as one of the 3 kings! (The pictures leave a lot to be desired but the church was too dark and my camera is not the best, but it works!!!)

I am actually not exactly sure what the otherking was doing to my daughter (adjusting her crown perhaps?)

Love this picture, bald head in the lower right corner cathces the flash and they eyes spookily glowing in the background!! :)

Daddy caught her after she had unrigged and made her rig back up so he could get a picture!! :)

Fleece stuffed mittens for my big girl! All done in just a few hours!!!

Big B in his jammies on Santa's lap! Last year he climbed the walls at just the thought of sitting on some strange fat man's lap :) He didn't sit there long, but later in life I will thank him for humoring mommy. He has been very sick, actually today was the first day since Monday that he didn't have a fever. Long story, short it has been a long worrisome week!

My big girl seems more worried about baby bro, than telling santa what is on her list. She finally did tell him she would like a shimmering lights ariel barbie doll. He said he had lots of them. Baby B seems to be wishing for a nap. Something tells me next year will be a diferent story though.

Santa brought S a miniprincess barbie from one of the movies that came with a crown for her to wear, she LOVED IT!! He brought Big B a giggling elmo drill with cookie monster googles.....oh my goodness talk about thrilled, perhaps in appropriate, but nonetheless humorous, we have some animated mice (thanks MOM!!) that have been under the eves, gotten wet, and been chewed on by real mice, that had to be fixed before they would work this year, the first thing Big B did was find one and locate the screws and go right to work, I won;t go into details but use your imagination!!!!!!! It was humorous!

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