Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This is my current pain in the butt project!! It is coming out beautifully, but I hate the color, love the yarn though. It is for someone else and they picked the color. The Pattern is Reynolds #105 Paterna/ A rugged Aran Vest. The yarn is Peace Fleece not sure the color as I have never figured out where to look on PF. I see a dye lot but that is about it!!! So as you can see I have got the back done and am about 1/3 of the way through the front. Chasing my 2 year old and nursing my now 4 month old takes up a lot of time.....oh and sleep......hmmmm now can someone define that to me. With all the late night feedings sometimes I think I am dreaming that I am asleepwith my eyes open!
I started this sweater 2 weeks before my youngest son was born. I actually got alot of knitting done this summer. I was hugly pregnant and did a lot ositting so I would get in the recliner put the foot up and my 2 year old would curl up between my legs and watch me knit. This is now how I nurse my youngest son, we all 3 will be in the chair snuggling, it must be quite a sight to some. I truley believe though with 3 kids you have to do what works!!!!!! And this works, we read books we watch cartoons and have special mommy time all while I am nursing my about multi-tasking I can even check my e-mail while
I am doing all of the above!!!!

This is number 2 and number 3. Ain't they cute?
Who can resist these cuties????

Don't you just love these jumpy things.......they think they are hot stuff while they are in it!

This is #1. Not the most flattering pic of her but what can I say she is 6 and sometimes she thinks she is to cool for picture posing!! This was one of those times!

Now mind you this child just had fuzz on her third birthday, this is her before picture, she donated 14 inches to the locks of love!!

This is her after picture!! She is gorgeous as always, but the cut definitely suits her well. This was something she did all on her own. She saw a special on TV and thought it was soemthing she wanted to do, to help other children her age feel more normal even though they are very sick. We are so proud of her!!!

Well I guess I will close the book for tonight but hopefully will update often. No promises......remember those 3 ankle biting, curtian climbing angels of mine!!!!

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